Learn how to create your shipments with Envia.com

Explore the essentials to streamline your shipments.

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Quote your shipments in three steps

Go to the quote tool and enter the origin/destination address, weight and measurements of your package. Receive real-time prices for all available services.

How to create a shipping label?

Go to the section to create a shipping label, provide the information of origin, destination and details of your package.

What is volumetric factor?

The volumetric factor of a shipment refers to the weight of a package based on how much space it takes up, rather than its actual weight. It is calculated using the following formula: length x width x height /5000 (this value can change).

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Your packages are insured

Packages shipped with Envia.com are insured by default, be sure to review the policies and shipping restrictions.

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Find help when you need it

Get expert help within the platform by creating a ticket to the support team.

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