Customize Branded Shipping Notification

Intuitive interface with drag-and-drop capabilities to create branded email templates and a tracking page to reach your customers in a more personalized way. Let your customers know how the shipment is doing.

Personalized tracking page

Customizable tracking page where you can see check on all your shipments status for any carrier. Enhance the way you reach your customers.

Customize your tracking page.

Customize the tracking page with your logo and colors and send it to your client. Track your shipments with any carrier in real time!

Notify shipping updates to your customers.

Keep your client informed about the shipping status by email, sms or whatsApp. For email notifications you can use our default or personalized templates!

Add the tracking page to your website.

Let customers track their shipment directly on your webpage. ej.( tracking number)&nav=false)

Custom email templates.

Notify your customers by mail about the shipment tracking status in a more personalized way. Create customized templates by shipment tracking status and destination country. Create templates for seasons or promotions and manage all of the portal. Expand your trademark with

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